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Our Tale

At Sunmeadow we raise alpacas for their superior fleece. In addition they are complimentary to the environment , add beauty to the landscape and serenity to lives they touch.

Alpaca is one of the worlds finest garment fibers and was once reserved for Inca royalty.

Our finished products are no ordinary clothing accessories. While the workmanship is top notch, what sets them apart is the inherent attributes of the alpaca fiber.

-Alpaca is seven times warmer and much lighter than wool because the individual fibers are hollow.
-Alpaca fiber is non allergenic because it contains no lanolin.
-Alpaca fiber is softer because the individual fibers are smooth and can be worn comfortably next to the skin.
-Alpaca fleece naturally sheds dust and dirt. Once dry, an alpaca garment often requires only a light shake to dispel dirt.

Fiber art has been a part of Vermont’s culture for many years and a staple of mankind for centuries. At Sunmeadow we are fortunate to have the earth’s most beautiful animals available to us for perpetuation of this ancient fiber art.

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Tread Lightly

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