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Some Background

Sunmeadow Alpacas is nestled in the hills of Putney, Vermont. Our primary goal is to ensure the happiness of our babies (alpacas). As our children have moved on to their own lives, our focus has shifted to farming. We derive great pleasure from interacting with our alpacas' uniquely individual and silly personalities. Working with home grown alpaca fleece, which results in garments of such great quality, is extremely fulfilling.
We perform each production process on our farm. From raising the alpacas, shearing, skirting, carding, washing, spinning, knitting, dyeing and felting. We take great care to produce quality garments that are uniquely individual and a pleasure to own.

Our product list includes winter hats, all occasion hats, sport hats, loop scarves, traditional scarves, shawls, fingerless mittens, socks.
We hope that you will find an item that is just right for you as each is one of a kind.

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